U.S. transportation companies scramble to address crisis of fraudulent credit card purchases

United Transportation Services and United Airlines are scrambling to resolve the credit card crisis plaguing the U.K., which is suffering the highest number of counterfeit and fraud charges in the European Union.The companies, which have been hit with a slew of recent fraud complaints, are working with the U,T and other European regulators to identify […]

“Transportation Compliance Service”

The Lad’s article title “LAD’s Transportation Compliance Service is an independent, federally funded service that provides transportation compliance for all federal agencies and departments.The Lad provides transportation services to federal agencies as part of a continuum of services that provide a consistent and accurate picture of how federal agencies operate.” article The Los Angeles Times […]

Trump administration to investigate how airline transport services use animals to boost revenue

Transportation services giant United Transportation Services said it will conduct a probe into how the company uses animals in its operations, including for transportation of passengers, and will take any legal action necessary to stop.United says it does not use animals for transportation in the United States.The company did not immediately respond to requests for […]