How to get a cheaper car from US to UK in two days: The cheapest car on the planet

Transport is a big business in the US, with companies such as American Express and Uber competing to connect people around the world with the cheapest fares.In the UK, however, it’s a different story.Cars are cheap, but getting a new one in the UK is expensive.This is because British consumers are often more expensive than […]

NFLPA suv transport services suv trucking services wa

With the NFL season winding down, the players association is looking to make a comeback in its service to the community, with a plan to open a trucking service in the Los Angeles area, according to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.The league also hopes to open two trucking lines in the Houston area, with […]

Transportation services industry has a new leader: Uber

Transportation services in India, a major market for Uber Technologies Inc., have emerged as a leader in a sector already dominated by domestic and foreign players.Uber Technologies India, India’s second-largest ride-hailing company, says its service has attracted about 30 million new users since it launched in March 2017, and that the number of active users […]