Why we love ‘Star Wars’ as the new ‘The Dark Knight’ trailer is here

By now, most of you know the trailer for ‘The Batman’ is a giant hit with fans of the film, but did you know there is another version of the movie with a different plot and cast?That’s right, ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises’ is getting a second trailer with the exact same story and cast.This […]

How to use the new A2B transfer credit

A2b transfers are available for new businesses to apply for, with the money being sent directly to the business’ account.To get started, visit the A2Bs website to find out more.Read more A2BA transfer credits are now available to all new businesses that use the A3B transfer credits.This is a way to make up for a […]

How to pay for an NFL stadium ticket

The average price for an average game ticket has doubled over the past five years, according to a study by TicketIQ.In 2016, the average price was $10.75.Last year, the cost was $12.75, according the study.The study also shows the average ticket price per seat has jumped from $3.80 to $6.10 in the last five years.The […]

Why does everyone keep saying “I can’t afford it” when they should be saying “what do I need?”

If you have a car or are considering getting one, we want to hear from you.What do you need?Car insurance, auto loan, lease payments, repairs, gas money, gas bills, rental car, car loan, or any other form of transportation.What is your monthly payment amount?Your monthly payment depends on your income, car type, and vehicle ownership.What […]

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