Why are the Blakeney and Wickham transfers so bad?

The arrival of Kiel Schoenefeld at the start of the season for Blakenery was greeted with joy by many in the club, as he will certainly have a significant impact on the side.Unfortunately for the Blakes, this was a disastrous start for him, and he was unable to establish himself in the team as they […]

Which of the Tesla electric cars are most popular in your area?

Posted October 13, 2018 09:14:01 The popularity of Tesla’s Model 3 sedan is not yet as high as many expected.But according to a new survey, Tesla’s first mass-market electric vehicle (MSE) is more popular than any other.“The Model 3 is our best-selling car, right now,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Reuters in an interview last […]

Which MARTA service bros are getting the most rides?

The latest installment of ESPN’s “Brodey Transportation Service” series takes a look at the ridership of some of the major transit systems in Los Angeles, from the Orange Line to the Pasadena Line to downtown Los Angeles.The first segment of the series, titled “Shuttle Transportation Services,” covers the Orange line.The second episode, titled, “Service Bros […]