How to find the best bus travel in the UK

Bus travel is the single biggest expense for most people in the country.So it’s no surprise that you’re more likely to be travelling on a public transport system than a private bus.But there are plenty of services to choose from if you want to travel in a more relaxed manner.So here’s our guide to finding […]

Obama orders a probe into the death of a New York taxi driver who was killed in a crash with a train

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Wednesday ordered a probe of the death, including an investigation into the cause of the crash, and called for an investigation of the company that owns the taxi.Obama ordered the investigation to be led by his top aides, including Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Justice Department […]

You can ride a bus to Michigan with a bike

The state has launched an expansion of its bike-sharing program, Biketown, in partnership with Michigan Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan.Michigan DOT announced on Wednesday that the bike-share program will now be called BikeShare Michigan, and Michigan DOT is partnering with the University.“It is exciting to have Biketsown Michigan expand its reach beyond […]