Truck transport services to open in Houston this weekend

HPD is planning to open a new truck transport service for animal transport, a service that allows people to haul pets for pet-related businesses and to take pets to a veterinarian.HPD is hiring a truck driver to serve as the public relations officer for the service, which will provide the vehicles to a company called […]

Nissan’s $1.8 billion takeover of Toyota’s fuel-cell automaker makes sense for Japan

Nissan Motors Japan (Nissan) announced Thursday that it has agreed to buy Toyota Motor Corp., which operates fuel- cell vehicles, as well as a host of other businesses.The deal gives Nissan the largest automotive plant in the world, a joint venture with Toyota Motor Co., a unit of Toyota Motor Group Inc., and a stake […]

Trump administration to investigate how airline transport services use animals to boost revenue

Transportation services giant United Transportation Services said it will conduct a probe into how the company uses animals in its operations, including for transportation of passengers, and will take any legal action necessary to stop.United says it does not use animals for transportation in the United States.The company did not immediately respond to requests for […]