Why are people dying from air pollution?

A report by the American Lung Association suggests the increase in air pollution in the US is caused by the increase of passenger traffic in vehicles.The association says more people are being driven, but the vehicles themselves are not being cleaned up.It’s estimated more than 1.4 million cars are being used in the United States […]

Italy to sign ‘friendly’ new signing for WSL

Italia have agreed a deal to sign the new WSL team for 2018.The agreement was signed on Friday.The club will start play in the new ERC Colle della Sera in March 2019.┬áThe team will be named after the team’s president, Roberto Rossellini.It is expected to be the first team in the world to feature the […]

Which airport is the best in the US?

According to the latest USA TODAY Travel and Tourism poll, which surveyed more than 20,000 people, the top airports in the United States are New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.And according to the poll, the best airport in the country is in California.“The top three U.S. airports are New Jersey, Washington and San Diego, […]

Which airline does Florida get?

Transportation services provider American Transportation Services is moving into Florida, and the company’s headquarters are set to move there.The company has a large fleet of cargo planes that transport goods between major ports in Florida.It also operates a fleet of freight trains, buses and trains, and it also operates railroads.American Transportation Service, headquartered in Atlanta, […]