[Trucks] All trucks in the state of Karnataka have been replaced with new ones

All trucks across the state are being replaced by new ones, as the state government has been busy revamping its transport fleet to better serve its citizens.In the state capital of Bangalore, for example, the Karnataka Transportation Corporation (KTC) has replaced its fleet with a fleet of eight new vehicles, including four truck-sized buses, and […]

NYC Transit service to be discontinued after ‘viral’ crash

New York City Transit will suspend all its scheduled passenger service for a month in response to a fatal crash on a NYC Transit bus last week.The NYC Transit system said on Monday that it will suspend services to its New York Central Station until further notice as it conducts an investigation into the crash […]

When Mexico’s traffic jams make you sick, this map might help you survive

AUSTIN, Texas — A new study shows that congestion is bad for people who work in transportation.The study, by the University of Texas at Austin, looked at traffic congestion and mortality rates in Mexico and found that people who worked in the transportation industry were nearly four times as likely to die of COVID-19 as […]

Australia’s cashless society may be ‘not so free’

Australia’s transition to cashless payment systems is now underway and many retailers are already testing out the system.While many Australians have yet to take the plunge, a number of retailers have already announced plans to test their cashless shopping experiences with customers.The most common way consumers pay for goods and services online is by using […]

A Cheaper Way to Ride: How to Save Money with Cheap Transportation Services

Transportation is an important aspect of many families’ lives, and for many, it is a key factor in saving money on transportation expenses.If you are a commuter, you probably have a variety of transportation options, and if you are not, you can easily find ways to save money by utilizing some of the cheaper options […]

What you need to know about Lyft, Uber and Sidecar

Lyft, a startup that has attracted attention for its rapid expansion, is also seeking a new way to monetize its services.Lyft announced Tuesday it is seeking $1 billion in venture capital funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Andreessen Media and Founders Fund.The round includes a total of $500 million in cash and a $500,000 equity investment.The company […]

When a truck hauls a coffin through a toll plaza in Hyderabad, it’s not just a story about the drivers but the drivers themselves

A truck hauling a coffin on a busy highway in Hyderabadi city is not just about the driver, but also the driver himself.The driver is none other than Naseem, a 20-year-old truck driver who says he wants to help people who are in distress.“When I was in school I used to take people to the […]

Why are people dying from air pollution?

A report by the American Lung Association suggests the increase in air pollution in the US is caused by the increase of passenger traffic in vehicles.The association says more people are being driven, but the vehicles themselves are not being cleaned up.It’s estimated more than 1.4 million cars are being used in the United States […]

The Seahawks’ biggest challenge: A little green in the middle

The Seahawks have a green corner that needs to be protected.The Seahawks need to protect that green corner.And so, with that in mind, the Seahawks have the green corner to start.The green corner was the subject of a recent podcast discussion with former Seahawk, offensive lineman, and current NFL analyst, Mike Mayock, and NFL.com’s Jeff […]

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