[Trucks] All trucks in the state of Karnataka have been replaced with new ones

All trucks across the state are being replaced by new ones, as the state government has been busy revamping its transport fleet to better serve its citizens.

In the state capital of Bangalore, for example, the Karnataka Transportation Corporation (KTC) has replaced its fleet with a fleet of eight new vehicles, including four truck-sized buses, and one electric vehicle.

In the northern state of Tamil Nadu, which borders Kerala, KTC has also replaced its fleets with eight trucks.

It is a very welcome move by KTC and will help ease congestion on roads across the country.

In addition, the state has been upgrading its rail network, as well.

It is expected that by 2022, India’s rail network will be more than a million kilometres long, and the country is expected to have 1,400 kilometres of track by 2024.

The KTC will also be able to take on additional workloads, with a total of 8,000 jobs added in the next four years, according to the State Transportation Corporation of India. 

Transport Minister M. K. Jayanthi said the move is a big step towards improving traffic flow, particularly on highways, as India is currently in a slow and chaotic state.

“We have to take care of people who are stranded on the highways and take care in providing public transport services,” Jayanthis statement said.

“There are huge challenges for us as a state government to keep up with traffic and the number of people.

So we have to ensure people are getting around efficiently,” he added.

The government has also begun revamping the state’s rail infrastructure, and is currently finalizing plans to build a rail line to the south of Bangalore.

Earlier this year, KTM India announced that it would convert its fleet of four electric trucks into four trucks with more than 1,200 kilometres of range.

The move was part of a larger strategy to increase the range of its fleet.

KTM India said it has also invested over $150 million in upgrading its railway network, including electrifying some railway lines and upgrading the track system.

India has seen a surge in the number and type of accidents involving electric vehicles in recent years, with over 70 deaths attributed to electric vehicles on roads since April, 2016.

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