How to tell if a driver’s car is stolen

The police might be able to tell you what happened, but you might be left in a quandary if you’ve just seen a car stolen. 

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau says that if you suspect a stolen vehicle you can get the vehicle towed and then call the police, but it won’t do much else. 

And that’s because it’s hard to tell from a distance. 

“When a vehicle is stolen, the police can’t tell whether the vehicle is a stolen car or a stolen passenger,” the bureau says.

“The police may suspect a vehicle was stolen when they have the vehicle’s registration but the vehicle doesn’t have any valid tags.” 

“There is no way of knowing what happened inside the vehicle until the vehicle has been towed and searched,” the agency adds. 

So how do you know when a vehicle has lost its licence plate? 

The best way to spot a stolen motor vehicle is to see if it has a “suspicious” number on the vehicle. 

This indicates that the vehicle could be a stolen or stolen vehicle, but the police don’t think it’s a stolen one. 

That means you can’t know whether the car is yours until it’s been towed, but that’s where the good news stops. 

If a stolen and stolen passenger is found, the owner can then call police and the police will find the vehicle and report the stolen person to the police. 

But if you think you’ve spotted a stolen driver, you can always get a police report. 

For instance, if you drive to a shopping centre to pick up a friend and a stolen van comes up at the stoplight, you could report it to police.

The police could also contact the owner of the van and ask them if they know who the car was driven by. 

Police may also be able tell whether a vehicle isn’t a stolen, stolen passenger or stolen motorist, depending on the circumstances. 

However, if a police officer is able to locate the car in question and reports it to the appropriate authorities, they’ll then get a “detailed description” of the vehicle, which the police have to make an arrest warrant out of. 

It is important to note that the information you give to police is confidential and can be used against you. 

Some of the ways that the police may know if a vehicle hasn’t been stolen are by looking at the licence plate, or if the car has an “unsuspicious” registration number, and if the vehicle hasn

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