NYC Transit service to be discontinued after ‘viral’ crash

New York City Transit will suspend all its scheduled passenger service for a month in response to a fatal crash on a NYC Transit bus last week.

The NYC Transit system said on Monday that it will suspend services to its New York Central Station until further notice as it conducts an investigation into the crash that killed the driver and the two passengers.

The crash on the New York-bound Transit bus on Thursday, Nov. 24, killed the man, a 26-year-old man from Queens, and the woman, an 18-year, three-time-sport runner from Brooklyn, according to officials.

Both were airlifted to hospitals in critical condition.

The bus was traveling through the Bronx when it was hit by a vehicle, causing a massive crash, officials said.

Two of the passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.

The NYPD has opened an investigation and is currently working with New York State Police and MTA to determine what happened, according an official statement.NYC Transit will be providing passengers with additional services until further notification, the agency said in a statement.

The agency said it is taking steps to make sure that it is not the same bus service that is in service today, as it investigates the crash and provides additional service to those customers.NYCTA will also provide support to the New Yorkers who were injured in the crash.NYCHA will offer discounted ride tickets to those who need to travel to a local medical center.