Australia’s cashless society may be ‘not so free’

Australia’s transition to cashless payment systems is now underway and many retailers are already testing out the system.

While many Australians have yet to take the plunge, a number of retailers have already announced plans to test their cashless shopping experiences with customers.

The most common way consumers pay for goods and services online is by using a credit or debit card.

However, some retailers are offering customers the opportunity to use a prepaid credit card to make purchases and save money on services.

The system is known as the “cashless shopping” model, and the rollout is set to start this week in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and South Australia.

A number of the retailers have opted to test out the cashless system in Australia, including The Gap, Qantas and Lotte.

Qantas, which launched its cashless service last year, has had an extensive rollout, which saw the rollout of a network of 500 kiosks.

With the rollout now complete, the company said the rollout will last for about a year and “include a new checkout experience and a few other minor improvements”.

In the past few weeks, the retailer has also rolled out its loyalty loyalty cards and has a new loyalty scheme for travellers.

In addition to the cash-less shopping, the Queensland-based retailer has started accepting mobile payments, which can be used for online shopping and online shopping rewards.

However, there is one area where the system will not be available to all shoppers.

“We are not currently offering cashless payments, or even a cashless checkout system, to all customers, including those in our existing Gold, Platinum and Diamond status,” Qantans general manager of communications Chris Bowerman said.

While this may sound like a huge win for customers, it may also make it more difficult for Qantus to attract and retain customers, which is one of the reasons that the company has opted to focus on the loyalty program.

Bowerman did say that some retailers may choose to move to a cashier-only system in the future.

Although the rollout may be complete this week, the rollout won’t be complete until February 2019.

The Australian Retailers Association (ARC) has said it expects to hear from retailers on how the transition is going.

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