Why is Houston’s transit system getting a facelift?

In the midst of the worst transit crisis in the country, the Houston Transportation Department announced on Wednesday that they have a major new project to upgrade the system.

Houston Transit Authority will be installing a $30 million, 5.8-mile-long (8.5 kilometers) light rail system, dubbed the “B-Line” and located on Interstate 10, that will connect the city’s major transit hubs.

“It’s a long-term investment in our region,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

“It’s an opportunity to improve transit for our residents, and it will give us a better quality of life and a safer place to live.”

The project, which will be known as the “Big Bend” light rail, will include four new stations along the corridor that connect the new stations to Houston’s major thoroughfares.

A new, permanent stop will be added in southwest Houston.

The project will be built under a $3.4 billion contract awarded to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, which is responsible for coordinating and coordinating Houston transit projects.

The contract also includes the design and construction of the stations and a new bus terminal, the Metro Rail System.

The stations will be designed to be more compact, and will be able to accommodate an additional 3,200 vehicles per day and 70 percent more ridership than existing stops.

“We want to make the most of the space and reduce our dependence on the light rail network,” said Metro Transit Commission Chairman Mike Hancock.

The stations will also serve a much larger population, and a large portion of the area will be serviced by the light-rail system.

The construction is expected to be completed by 2020.

The “Big B” project is expected cost $1.2 billion.

“This project will provide more reliable, efficient, and safe transit service for Houston residents and visitors,” said Harris County Executive Steve Adler.

“The Big B will help us make our region safer, more accessible, and more livable for everyone.”

The “Big” project will run from downtown Houston through the north suburbs to south Houston.

The project also includes several smaller stations in the Houston area, which include a new stop in northeast Houston.

“We’re excited to see the work Houston Transit has already done to improve our transportation system and to expand our transit system to a much broader population,” said Adler, who has been a proponent of Houston’s proposed $2 billion light rail expansion.

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