Why are people dying from air pollution?

A report by the American Lung Association suggests the increase in air pollution in the US is caused by the increase of passenger traffic in vehicles.

The association says more people are being driven, but the vehicles themselves are not being cleaned up.

It’s estimated more than 1.4 million cars are being used in the United States each day.

That is nearly five times the number of cars on the road during the same period in the UK.

The average age of American drivers has risen from 25 to 31.5.

It says the pollution levels are not sustainable for drivers and the economy.

“Our report makes the case that pollution is costing American families and communities dearly,” said Carol O’Hara, executive director of the American Association of Ambulance Directors.

“We are committed to helping our nation’s health and safety while ensuring that Americans are kept safe from the harmful effects of pollution.”

The report was based on an analysis of air pollution data from the National Ambulances Medical Center, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American Automobile Association, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

It found that more than two-thirds of vehicles that are driven each day are in the top two decibels – a class of pollutants considered hazardous to health.

The US is a global leader in air quality, with pollution levels across the country exceeding the WHO’s standards.

But the number one cause of death from air pollutants is from heart disease.

The American Lung association says air pollution has led to more than 9,000 deaths, with more than 2,400 people dying each day in the U.S. from heart problems.

A recent study by the University of California, Los Angeles, found the number 1 cause of premature death was car crashes.

It said more than 13,000 people died in 2010 because of vehicle accidents, and the number 2 cause was motor vehicle crashes.

The study said car crashes killed 1.7 million people in the nation.

It also said that while vehicle crashes killed more than 100,000 Americans in 2009, that number was down to about 11,000 by 2011. More:

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