U.S. transportation companies scramble to address crisis of fraudulent credit card purchases

United Transportation Services and United Airlines are scrambling to resolve the credit card crisis plaguing the U.K., which is suffering the highest number of counterfeit and fraud charges in the European Union.

The companies, which have been hit with a slew of recent fraud complaints, are working with the U,T and other European regulators to identify potential sources of the problem, which has impacted tens of thousands of people, according to people familiar with the situation.

U.S.-based Delta, which owns U.T. and U.N.T., has been among the companies stepping up its response to the problem.

It announced Tuesday that it will replace $1 million worth of fraudulent cards it was issued, according the Wall Street Journal.

U. S. Airline Group and UBS are also looking into the issue, according The Financial Times.

The company, which also handles payments for AirBnB, has launched a $10,000 pilot program in the U .

K. and said it plans to expand it.

It has said it expects to get refunds from cardholders who have been targeted.UBS is also working with regulators in the United States, but said it has no information to suggest fraud is widespread.

The bank said it is looking into how to help customers who are impacted by the crisis, according Reuters.

United Airlines has reported that more than 2,000 fraudulent credit cards have been issued, including more than 200,000 for U.A.E. and Europe.

It said it had identified a “significant number” of frauds and is taking action to prevent future fraudulent purchases.

United is also reviewing the security of its network and has asked banks to provide information on how to identify suspicious transactions.

Delta, which provides transportation services to U.P. and O.P., said it was taking steps to address the crisis and that it had suspended all of its payment processing and card processing.

The airline also said it will expand its pilot program to other regions of the world.UAT said it would be offering a cash back promotion for U .

P. customers on Tuesday, the same day as the UTA pilot program.

UAT also said its “safety teams” were working to identify fraud and ensure the safety of its customers.

UATS chief operating officer Steve Smith said U. P. customers who have had their credit cards fraudulently issued will be issued a cash card, similar to UTA’s new credit card.