Transit shuttles shut down for Thanksgiving after pilot project goes awry

SAN FRANCISCO — ┬áMetro Transit shut down buses and trams on Thursday after a pilot project went awry, and some commuters were left stranded for several hours as they attempted to get home.

The pilot project began as part of the city’s plan to modernize its transit system in an effort to improve its reliability and service quality, but instead it resulted in delays, cancellations and disruptions to tens of thousands of daily trips, according to transit officials.

Metro Transit officials said the pilot project is part of its effort to modernizing the system.

In the pilot, Metro Transit shutters its buses and the trams that carry it for three to five minutes to ensure the vehicles can meet the needs of passengers and drivers.

It also allows Metro Transit to deploy new service buses, which are smaller vehicles, to meet customer demand.

Metro Transit has asked people to stay home for the time being.

Metro said it will continue to operate buses, trams and buses in its regular hours and to keep passengers updated about service changes.