‘This is not a pet accident’: Dog’s owner speaks of her heartbreaking experience with driver

A dog whose owner has been left paralysed by a driver who slammed into her car has spoken of her heartbreak after the accident.

Caroline Dix was riding her Harley Davidson when a driver in a black Mercedes slammed into the vehicle.

“I looked up and saw the car was going to spin out and it was going down,” she said.

The accident occurred at a petrol station in Perth’s east-end.

Ms Dix said she was on her way to the nearby hospital when the incident occurred.

She described the collision as “horrific”.

“It’s not a very good experience, it’s just not a good thing to have happened, I think,” she told ABC Perth.

A spokesperson for the WA Police Service confirmed to ABC News the incident was not a hit-and-run but that the driver had been suspended and has been charged.

‘You don’t know if you’re safe’ The spokesperson said the driver would be charged with causing death by dangerous driving and is due to appear in court on April 16.

In a statement, Ms Dix described the incident as “incredibly traumatic” and said she had never experienced anything like it before.

However, the driver’s behaviour was not acceptable, Ms Faucher said.

“It was absolutely shocking and terrifying,” she added.

“The driver was extremely aggressive, making absolutely no effort to communicate, not even in the case of the dog.”

Ms Dux has described the driver as a “horrible, awful person”.

“I don’t think that he’s a nice human being, it was just terrible, terrible,” she explained.

“You don,t know if your safe at this point.”

Ms Fauchers father, who lives in Australia, said the incident had “absolutely shattered” his family.

“They just haven’t got a clue what happened,” he said.

Ms Daux is also hoping the driver will be charged for causing death in an accident involving a dangerous vehicle.

“He [the driver] will be facing criminal charges for causing a death in a collision involving a motor vehicle,” she revealed.

“There was no reason for him to do this, I hope he’s held to account and he will be.”

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