How Miri Transport Services is launching a new platform to help you find the best transportation solutions

A new platform for the transportation industry has launched that promises to give you a better understanding of the transportation network and the services that connect you to it.

Miri Transport is launching its new Transportation Services Platform, which has been described as “an integrated service delivery solution for the transport industry”.

Miri says it is a “new way to connect with transportation networks”.

“This platform will enable people to understand the cost, time and value of the transport services they choose to use,” it says.

The platform allows consumers to compare transport services from the top providers across multiple categories and categories.

The company says the platform is intended for consumers who are looking to compare transportation services and services across multiple transportation network companies.

“In addition to offering an easy way to get a feel for the cost and value associated with transportation services, the platform also allows consumers the ability to compare the different transportation network providers to better understand how the cost varies from one provider to another,” it adds.

“This will help them better understand the value they can get for their transportation dollars.”

For instance, a customer who is looking for a transport service with the lowest cost might choose a transportation service from a carrier with a lower cost.

But the same consumer might also want to compare a service from an airline, or a service that has higher fares and is usually cheaper to travel.

The service platform will be available in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, and the US.

The new platform will come to the US in 2018, and will also be available to consumers in other markets.

Miris platform will allow consumers to search for transportation services across several transportation network operators, like Ola, Uber, Ola Taxi, Oireachtas and Transport for London.

The transportation companies that the platform will work with are Ola (India), Oireachas (Ireland), Uber (United Kingdom), Ola Cab (United States), and Oireas Transport Services (Ireland).

It will also allow consumers “to get a better sense of the value that each transportation provider delivers, to help them decide which is the right transport service for them,” it said.

“It will give consumers the confidence to use the service provider’s services on a more accurate basis.”

It will allow users to compare services on different transport network providers by providing them with the best transport network provider comparison tools and information, as well as information on other transportation network services available.

According to Miri, it will help people find the most efficient and reliable transportation services for them, “without the need to rely on a single provider.”

The company has launched a “premium service” to allow customers to pay for transport services with Miris platform.

The premium service allows consumers “add on” services like booking and travel reservations through the app, and allows them to add their personal details to their booking, as long as the personal details are not disclosed.

The “premier service” is currently only available in India and Hong Kong.

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