‘Frightening’: Watch the shocking footage of a police officer’s dog biting an alleged rapist

Posted October 19, 2018 07:27:08 A Calgary police officer has been accused of attacking a woman who was attempting to rape her dog, in a horrific video obtained by the CBC News.

The video shows the woman being attacked by a male police dog in a parking lot near the city’s airport.

“The officer tried to bite her dog’s tail, but the dog did not bite her, so he put the dog down and the officer put his hand down her pants and tried to grab her breasts,” the witness, identified as “P” in the video, said.

The dog is shown pulling on the woman’s trousers and pulling down her shorts before pulling her down to the ground, where the witness said the officer’s other hand was forced down her panties.

“He tried to put his face between her legs, but I could tell she was resisting,” the woman said.

“I could see his face through her panties, I could see her breasts and her nipples were exposed.”

The woman said the dog continued to bite the victim’s neck and body, and the woman screamed for help.

“There was a large blood pool on the ground that was everywhere,” she said.

Police did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The woman, who is also a former police officer, told the ABC the attack on her dog was “unconscionable” and “truly scary”.

The incident has drawn international attention after it was uploaded to the internet on Friday.

The incident took place on October 6, according to a statement posted on the police department’s Facebook page.

“This is a terrible, disturbing and heartbreaking incident,” the post read.

“At this time, we have no additional information to share.”

It is unclear what charges the officer faces, and police said in a statement that no charges have been laid.

“A review of the video will be undertaken to determine whether charges are warranted,” the statement read.

The officer is now on administrative leave pending the review, police said.

In the video posted by “P”, the woman can be heard crying out for help after the attack, before the dog starts pawing at her genitals.



Help, I’m bleeding,” she can be seen saying.

The witness described the attack as “horrifying” and said it made her feel “frightened”.

“It made me feel very frightened,” she told the CBC.

“If I hadn’t been so afraid, I probably would have said ‘no way’.” “If it was a man, I wouldn’t have screamed,” she added.

“But I’m a woman, and I don’t want to be scared.”

She added that the incident “just made me really angry”.

A spokesperson for the Calgary Police Service said the force was investigating the incident.

“We are committed to supporting the victims of crime and are aware of the incident in question and are in the process of gathering all relevant facts,” a spokesperson said.