‘You’re not alone’: How a driver’s friend’s help helped a loved one get home

A friend who was driving his passenger to the hospital after she was hit by a car and killed has become the hero who got her to safety.

A woman who was traveling in a van with her two children and their mother was killed when a driver struck her and then drove away, according to a tweet by an accident victim’s advocate.

Beverly Jones was killed and her two sons, who are 8 and 13, were taken to a hospital in Las Vegas.

The van driver was a man named Joshua McBride, who had a history of mental health issues.

McBride told NBC News he did not want to press charges because he had lost his job.

McBride is the son of Beverly Jones, a Las Vegas family friend.

Jones’ sister, Ashley, says her mother’s family has forgiven him.

“They’ve forgiven me, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried, I’ve lost so much weight, I’m crying like a baby,” Jones said.

“I just know I can go to work tomorrow, I’ll be back and I’ll get back to doing what I love.”

Jones’ mother said McBride is a loving man and that he is “a good person.”

Jones was killed on Interstate 15 in the Las Vegas area on Wednesday afternoon.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tweeted that McBride was taken to University Medical Center in critical condition.

McBrides mother said she is grateful for the help her son has given to the family.

Jones’ sister said she has learned to not be judgmental about McBride.

“I just feel so much more confident now that we know he’s doing the right thing, and that’s what I think has helped him,” Ashley Jones said in an interview with ABC News.

“He’s been in a very dark place, and I think we’ve learned how to be able to forgive and help one another.”

Jones said she’s grateful that her friend, whose name has not been released, is safe.

Mcbrides mother and sister said they are not trying to hide how grateful they are for the assistance from the community.

“It was a wonderful experience to get to know our friend, and he has been a good friend to us and a great brother to our children,” Ashley said.

“If I could be there to say anything to him, I’d say thank you.

I’ve never felt like we have that in this family, and you’ve been so wonderful and you have really made this family feel special.”

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