Why the Duke Transportation Services is getting into the trucking business

Duke Transportation services (DTS) is moving into trucking.

In a blog post on Monday, the company revealed its plans to open a trucking service in 2019.

The company says it plans to offer a full-service trucking fleet.

The service will offer “flexible, convenient, and economical transportation” and provide drivers with “a secure and reliable vehicle service.”

The company also said it would invest in trucking research and training.

Duke is the latest in a long line of private companies to enter the truck business, with FedEx launching its fleet in 2017 and others launching in the past year.

The trucking industry has seen an explosion of private firms that offer trucking services, with a number of private fleets operating nationwide.

The industry is booming as new trucking options such as ride-hailing and ride-sharing allow trucking companies to provide truckers with options outside traditional trucking businesses.

DTS is a truckers’ and logistics company that has long operated as a truck services company, but is now taking on trucking as a full service company.

Duke’s announcement came a day after the company said it will expand its fleet to serve drivers who work for companies such as UPS and FedEx.

The Duke Transportation company will offer a fleet of four full-size pickup trucks, two pickup vans, and two buses, according to Duke.

The fleet will be operated by Duke Transportation for delivery and hauling services, Duke said.

Duke said it plans on using a fleet with the same number of drivers as it currently has.

Duke says it will offer its fleet of trucks with a range of driver requirements.

For example, drivers can be employed at a full range of positions, including trucking drivers, customer service workers, truck drivers, and truckers and delivery drivers.

Duke will offer drivers a flexible, convenient vehicle service and a secure and dependable vehicle service.

Drivers can use the service to take their truck to the airport, pick up a package, or to pick up customers, Duke says.

Duke also says it intends to offer its trucks to other businesses.

Duke, which is based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the first trucking company to open up a full trucking operation in the United States, according a company statement.

The firm is not yet offering its fleet for service, and will be looking to expand to other locations, including other states, Duke Transportation said.

“Our plan is to expand and grow the company by offering services to trucking and logistics customers,” the company wrote.

The new Duke transportation services service will be a part of Duke’s fleet of vehicles, Duke’s CEO, David W. Brown, said in the blog post.

Duke has long been an active player in the truck and logistics industry, with its fleet growing from 20 trucks in the early 2000s to more than 2,500 today.

The Louisville-based company has been working with FedEx to get its fleet moving since 2017.

Duke Transportation has been able to expand its operations in the U.S. thanks to an expansion of the U, S., and E.U. It also had a deal with Lyft to offer trucks in 2019 that included a full fleet.

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