Why dog transport and trucking are more expensive than car service

The price of car transport and dog transport services have both increased in recent years, while the amount of trucking services has dropped, according to data released Wednesday by the National Association of Trucking Companies.

The association says the rising costs for both services are driving the growth in both.

While trucking has grown at a much faster pace, trucking is increasingly becoming the primary means of transporting pets and other small animals.

The group says trucking and dog transportation services accounted for more than half of total transportation and transportation services costs in 2015, up from about 28% in 2011.

Pet transport services are expected to account for another 23% of transportation and transport services costs by 2021.

The data show that trucking companies are now charging higher rates for trucking than car companies, with trucking rates up more than fivefold from 2009 to 2020.

The biggest increase is for truck services, which jumped more than threefold from 2014 to 2015.

The biggest increases in the number of truck companies were for two groups of services: trucking carriers, which typically operate smaller, more fuel-efficient trucks than cars, and truck companies, which generally transport larger, more expensive trucks.

The growth in trucking costs has prompted companies to increase rates for both service levels.

In 2017, for example, the average rate for truck carriers increased about 30% in 2017 from 2016.

That rate has stayed the same since.

The average cost for truck companies is about $25,000 per year.

But the average price for dog carriers is $18,000, and the average for truckers is about a third of that.

The growing cost of truck transportation is partly a result of growing competition between car companies.

The National Association for Carriers, which represents the nation’s trucking, truck and other vehicle carriers, recently issued a report showing that truck companies are more likely to offer higher rates than car carriers for transporting pets.

The report said that carriers have the option of raising their rates by 15% to 25%, depending on the size of their fleet.

In the last two years, truck carriers have increased their rates about 30%.

“The fact that they can go up 20% on the average and have the ability to do so with so little competition means that carriers are now able to charge more,” said Mark Bierman, an analyst with Kelley Blue Book.

The costs of dog transportation have been on a steady upward trajectory, increasing about 3.6% annually.

But truck companies have been increasing their rates at a faster rate.

The average cost of dog carriers has increased about 25% from 2016 to 2017, and about 45% from 2014 through 2017.

The cost of trucks has increased by about 1.5% a year, according the group.

The two services account for roughly 10% of total costs for truck transportation.

The rising costs of truck and truck transportation services have prompted some pet owners to look for alternative methods of transporting their animals.

Dog carriers say they’ve been getting a lot of calls from people wanting to transport their dogs from their homes to a veterinarian’s office.

Pet transport companies say the growing costs of their services have led them to add more service levels and make additional adjustments to their plans to keep costs down.

“In the past, you had a lot more trucks and lots of people were moving dogs from one place to another,” said Robert Gavitt, a senior vice president at Transco Inc., which owns Greyhound Transportation Services Inc., a trucking service.

“But that changed in the last couple of years, as the trucking industry took off.”

Bierman said he has heard complaints from owners of small dogs who feel their pets are being harmed when they have to wait longer to get their pet transported because they can’t afford to pay more for transportation.

He said he’s also heard from owners who feel they’re getting a service that’s not right for their dogs, and they’re unhappy with the price they’re paying.

Transco spokeswoman Natalie Bower said in an email that truck carriers can now add more than 20% to their costs to provide service at higher rates.

The increased cost of services, she said, is primarily due to increased costs associated with higher staffing levels.

The company recently added new drivers and has also reduced some of the transportation service costs.

Transco has increased its total transportation service fee by about 30%, Bower wrote in an e-mail.

The company’s fees for dog transportation are also higher than what other companies charge.

Transco has a $1,200 fee per dog per day, and for dog carrier services it charges $500 for a dog.

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