How to save the life of a freight train: How to stop it from falling into a fatal fall

A train that is falling from a railway bridge in the northern city of Agra is being hailed as a miracle.

A driver is making a miraculous recovery.

It is the kind of miracle that has baffled and horrified a railway engineer.

A freight train is seen approaching a bridge in Agra, India, on December 3, 2016.

The train is in the process of being towed by two trucks and is about to make its way through the city, when the wheels of the two vehicles come tumbling down.

The railway engineer has managed to pull the two trucks back onto the track and to safety.

The two vehicles are now moving, though with considerable loss of speed, according to the engineer.

He has not yet been able to explain the sudden loss of control of the train, the cause of the crash and what he might do next.

Agra is a busy city with a population of almost 10 lakh.

The incident was captured on a dashboard camera of the truck that was pulled back from the bridge.

The driver of the freight train that crashed on December 6, 2016, says he is working for a transport company that offers freight transportation services.

He is also a driver in a freight truck company.

His car, which is a Toyota Corolla, was carrying two passengers.

He was taking them to a place where they would work as a guest worker.

The passengers were working on a railway track in Agre, which lies in the eastern part of the state.

The accident occurred on a bridge that crosses the city and is under the jurisdiction of a state highway department.

Watch Video Here:The incident is being reported as a freak accident by the local news channels.

The Agra Railway Corporation said it was investigating the incident and could not confirm if it was related to any accidents in the city.

The train was carrying 2,000 kg of diesel.

The engineer said he is still investigating how the train came to a halt and if there was a collision with the trucks.

“The situation was such that it would have taken a lot of time to bring the car back,” he told The Times Of India.

“I am trying to think what might have caused it.”

He said he had lost sight of his wife and three-year-old son when he lost consciousness on the bridge and that his son had suffered a concussion.

He could not say whether he had any injuries.

The accident took place near a school where the driver was taking his son for a drive.

He had just arrived at the school when the accident occurred.

The engineer said the driver of his car was conscious and alert.

“The situation is still not good,” he said.

Aftermath of the accident:Agra railway authorities are investigating the accident and are looking for the driver.

The incident has drawn attention from social media and a Facebook page has been set up in the name of the engineer to raise awareness.

(With inputs from PTI)

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