How to avoid a ride on a London taxi – Al Jazeera

Transport for London (TfL) has apologised for a “poor choice of words” and said it will not take a taxi back to the station to avoid charges.

The firm said the error came after an email sent to customers in the UK went viral, causing the agency to issue a “clarification” on its website.

The “poor language” caused an outcry from customers who said the firm was “unethical” and “unnecessary” to allow drivers to park their vehicles at stations.

TfLG said it was “working with the authorities to ensure that no taxi will be parked at London’s two busiest stations for more than 20 minutes”.

“It is very unfortunate that the error of the TfL has been highlighted,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

“We have apologised to customers and the wider public for the poor choice of language used in the email and will not be taking a taxi to London’s busiest stations.”

London taxi drivers are not allowed to park at stations in the capital unless they have their own vehicle.

TafL said it has also been working with the taxi industry to improve the system to ensure it was better for everyone.

“TfLD will be ensuring that taxis park at the stations closest to where they are licensed to be parked,” it said.

London taxi operators are banned from parking at stations for a maximum of five minutes.

“We have been working closely with the industry to ensure taxis park in the correct areas,” the firm said.

The error comes as London prepares to host the Olympics and the Olympics is expected to attract tens of millions of tourists and millions of residents.

The London Olympics are due to take place on 4 August.

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