Hawaii transport services: 10 things to know

Hawaii transport and freight services provider Barnes Transportation Services (BTS) has revealed its latest statistics, detailing the cost of delivering freight and transporting freight to and from Hawaii’s ports and cities.BTS, which provides transportation services to more than 40 major US cities, said it spent $6.5 billion in 2016 on freight.

It was up from $6 billion in 2015.

The figure was up 11 percent from the $5.8 billion it spent in 2015, when the year ended.BOTS is the name of a company BTS has partnered with to develop a transportation network, including its fleet of vehicles, for Hawaii, which is a high-growth state for its economy.BETS transportation network has grown from just four BTS vehicles per day in 2012 to more such vehicles per month in 2016, and has expanded to cover a further 70 percent of the state, the company said in a release.

The fleet is used for delivering freight to ports and for hauling freight between the US and Hawaii.

Bots is based in Chicago, with the headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

BTS is a subsidiary of the American Transporters Association, which represents freight companies and transportation companies in the US.

Buses and trains are used to deliver freight between Honolulu and the mainland, but the company also has a fleet of passenger trains that move goods to and away from Honolulu.

It operates four rail lines, two commuter lines, and four freight lines.

Bets has been expanding its fleet, from about 10 vehicles per week in 2012, to more like 100 vehicles per weekday.

The company said it is now able to transport about 2,000 vehicles per hour.BATS said its 2016 annual report covers its fleet size for 2016, as well as costs for a year-end report.

Bets said the cost for the year of the 2016 report is $7.5 million, up from a $4.5-million cost in 2015 and up from an $8.3-million total for 2016.BETs said it has invested $10.9 million into its Hawaii transport network in 2016.

It said the project cost was $9.5 to $11 million, depending on the location.

The project was also $10 million for the Honolulu area.

Betts said it was able to get approval from the Hawaii Department of Transportation (DOT) to build an extension of its freight rail line from Honolulu to Maui, which opened in December.

Betts said the extension of the line will cost about $4 million per mile, about a third of the $2.2 million cost of building the original line, which was a decade old.

Bettos transportation network currently includes about 3,200 vehicles per year, BTS said.

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