Delhi-NCR: Delhi: New Delhi- NCR: ‘The new Indian Express’

A year ago, India’s new transportation app, The New Indian Express, was launched on Indian shores with an aim to connect Delhi and the rest of India with easy, reliable, affordable and safe public transport.

Now, in an attempt to capture a broader market, the app has been developed to connect the whole country, from the north to the south.

With over 40 million users, The Indian Express aims to be the world’s leading public transport app.

Read full storyLike a modern-day version of the old Indian Express route, The NEW Indian Express is the result of a collaboration between the state government, private companies, universities, civic bodies, and the public.

The app is a collaboration of the Delhi Metropolitan Region Transport Corporation, and its partnership with a Bengaluru-based app development company called Wipro.

The developers have also developed a mapping tool to help users find the nearest metro stations.

In addition to the Metro services, the company has launched a number of other public transport services including taxis, ferries and a shuttle bus service.

“We are all on the same journey, but at a different time of day.

We have been trying to build this app to help people get around, in the same way as we would in the old India Express,” said Shobha Singh, chief executive officer of the app company.”

The app will connect the Delhi Metro with Bengaluru Metro, the Delhi Railways with the Chennai Metro, and connect Delhi with the rest the north,” she added.

According to Singh, the new app will help commuters connect their mobile phones to their bikes, to get around the city.

“Our goal is to make this app accessible to everyone.

There are people in the Delhi metro that have no access to any of the metro services,” she said.”

With our app, we are aiming at making the city accessible to all,” she told The Times Of India.

The project is being driven by the Delhi government.

In the first three months of its launch, over 5 million people have downloaded the app, and it has been downloaded more than 20 million times.

The new app has had a positive impact on the state’s roads and the number of road accidents have decreased from about 1,000 per day in the first quarter of 2019 to around 400 per day now.

In January this year, the number was around 10,000 accidents.

The number of people travelling without a valid driver’s licence in the capital has also decreased from 5,000 in January to just over 4,000 now.

“The government has done a lot for people.

It has put in place a number in infrastructure, especially the metro, and this has been a big factor in the reduction of road traffic,” Singh said.

According the project’s official website, the aim of the new service is to “deliver a seamless experience to citizens”.

“As an innovative service, we will provide free rides to commuters on any part of the journey, providing access to the entire city,” the website states.

The service will also be available to drivers, which Singh said is a key factor in making it accessible to the rest.

“We will provide a way to make people use the app,” she explained.

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