Which state will lead the charge on transportation infrastructure?

By MARTIN LORENZOAPICUSJanuary 20, 2021—The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is scheduled to release its final report on the fatal crash involving a Cessna 172 near Orlando, Florida, last November.

While the NTSB is currently reviewing the crash, it is expected that the agency will recommend that a new federal regulation would limit or eliminate the FAA’s ability to issue a special permit for private aircrafts that are equipped with advanced airframe safety systems that can reduce the risk of an accident.

According to the NTSBs findings, the Cessnas aircraft had advanced airframes that were equipped with a radar-collision warning system.

The radar warning system is designed to warn of an aircraft approaching a radar cross-section.

The pilot of the Cressnas aircraft did not detect any aircraft approaching, according to the FAA.

An FAA spokesman confirmed the NTSBS findings to Reuters, but declined to provide additional details.

The FAA also did not respond to questions about the specific recommendations the NTSb made.

In March 2017, a similar incident occurred when a Cressna 172, which was equipped with an advanced air frame, flew over a busy intersection and lost control, killing one man.

The NTSB concluded that the Crescendo-Vacuum airframe, which is used in commercial aircrafts, had not been properly installed and had not properly been approved by the FAA for use on private aircraft.

The NTSBs report does not contain any recommendations for the FAA to make changes to its rules to limit the number of permits issued for private airframes with advanced systems.

But according to an NTSB memo dated November 11, 2017, an NTS B is reviewing the FAA rules and regulations regarding the certification of the advanced air frames and the certification process for private operators.

According the NTSBoard, the FAA has not changed its procedures to address the issue of the Advanced Airframe Safety Systems.

FAA spokesman Steve Langer said the NTS B will release its report “when appropriate” and added that he could not comment on specific recommendations.

Last week, the NTS board voted to delay a vote on a proposed rule to eliminate the need for an advanced aircraft safety system for private pilots.

The NTSB said it expects to release a final report next week.

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