Which company is doing the most driving in NYC?

Transportation data company Transdev has come under fire for its handling of drivers.

A report from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance shows that the company has lost drivers on more than one occasion.

“I’m a huge proponent of transparency in the transportation system, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a report that has drivers on the receiving end of it,” said TWA Local 1081 Executive Director Dan Rizzo.

Rizza was among the drivers who spoke with The Post about their experiences with the company.

The union’s report found that Transdev “fails to disclose driver compensation and other expenses in its reports, including drivers’ compensation, wages, and vacation time.”

“Transdev has failed to properly disclose driver pay, including overtime, sick leave, vacation, and time off,” the union wrote in the report.

“It also fails to disclose drivers’ benefits and wages.”

In addition, the union found that the drivers it interviewed felt they were underpaid and “uncompensated.”

The union reported that TransDev did not provide drivers with a driver’s medical records or a driver education plan, despite the fact that the union is asking for it.

Transdev said that it is looking into the union’s claims and would “reconsider” the report, according to a statement from the company sent to The Post.

TransDev said it is committed to transparency and accountability in its business, adding that “every effort is made to make sure all data, financial information, and other information is shared with the community.”

Transdev did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The driver compensation system Transdev uses is based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standard of 1,500 miles per year, which is similar to the federal mileage cap of 90,000 miles.

The company says that it will continue to provide drivers compensation for at least two years after they leave the company, though the average number of years is more than six.

Drivers have said that the system, which was introduced in 2007, has been a source of frustration for them, saying that they have to drive long distances and get stuck in traffic.

“We get frustrated when we get stuck,” said one driver, who asked to remain anonymous.

“The first day you have to get into a lane, it’s like you’re in a war zone.”

TransDev is also accused of “losing” drivers, and of not providing them with adequate medical insurance.

Transports for America, a trade group that represents drivers, has also criticized Transdev for its “lack of transparency.”

The group says that the report “reveals a company that continues to make decisions about drivers without giving them the benefit of the doubt.”

Transdav also said in a statement that the “safety and security of our employees are paramount.”

Trans Dev did not respond to requests for comment from The Post for comment about the drivers union’s findings.

A spokesperson for Transdev could not immediately be reached for comment on the drivers’ union’s allegations.

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