Passenger rail service from Calgary to Edmonton could be delayed due to ice in ice floes

A passenger rail service between Calgary and Edmonton could get delayed as crews work to remove ice from an area that is causing ice to form in areas where it would normally be.

Passengers travelling on Calgary to Fort McMurray and Edmonton to Edmonton are being redirected to other rail lines.

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) says a train will arrive in Edmonton on Monday morning, leaving Calgary at 10:30 a.m. for Edmonton at 3 p.m., with an extra hour to travel to Fort Mac and back.

Passenger rail service has been suspended between Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMarra for an ice floe that was causing problems for commuters and rail travellers in Alberta.

The service is expected to be back in full operation on Tuesday, although passengers will have to wait until then to board trains to and from Fort McMayr.

“We are going to be doing an extra day of operations today to make sure that people who are coming from the Edmonton area have a smooth ride,” said RTC spokesman Chris Hirsch.

“It’s not that we don’t have an ice problem right now, we have an issue right now.

We have an overpass that we’ve had for some time now that’s frozen up.

We’ve got crews out there, we’ve got ice removal equipment out there.”

The RTC says it’s working to determine how the ice could affect the train, which could delay its arrival at Edmonton.

It’s unclear if passengers will be able to board a train and travel to the Edmonton airport.