Can cats ride a plane without a leash?

A new test of a new cat transport system is going well but the cat-passenger interface is not.

The new system, called CAT, was designed to reduce the need for cat owners to check their dogs’ rabies vaccination status.

The new system uses a smartphone app to transmit the information to the owners and allows the cats to roam freely without having to leash or follow a leash-less owner.

A cat, of course, has no need for a leash.

Instead, it is trained to follow a trained handler to a designated area and then can move freely.

Cat owners can check their pet’s vaccination status on their smartphone app, and then they can follow their pet to their destination.

The app will show a QR code that the pet must scan before it can be taken out of the vehicle.

Cats are trained to scan the QR code and follow the handler.

Cat transport service, CatPass, has been testing CAT since January 2016 and has found the system to be very reliable.

The company’s CEO, Peter Seltzer, says the system works well.

But it needs more testing to verify its safety and reliability.

“The cats were trained to do a certain number of scan-and-go steps before they were allowed to go on the plane,” Seltzer told ABC News.

“And the more training you do, the more the cats will be able to navigate safely through the plane, which is a big concern.”

In February, CAT had its first successful flight.

On that flight, the company was able to test its technology, which uses a special device that monitors the dogs’ movement.

CAT has also tested its new pet-friendly system on commercial airlines.CAT, which was founded in 2014 by an Arizona-based pet food manufacturer, is still in the pilot phase.

It is still working on cat-specific technology.

CatPass has also been working on its pet-free-riding concept, but that is still a long way off.

The cat-friendly technology is already being tested on several airlines and other airports.

CAT says that on its first two flights, it was able in the same way to safely transport more than 2,000 pets safely and safely.

On Wednesday, CAT and CatPass will roll out their pet-safe-riders to other airports and cities in the U.S. and Canada, according to Seltzeer.

The company also says the cat passengers will be vaccinated before they enter the plane.

Cat Pass will also offer a pet-only option to passengers that includes the cat’s owner and the pet’s owner’s veterinarian.

Seltzer said the airline is currently evaluating the cat transport program’s pet-safety technology.

The carrier is also working with veterinarians on its cat-proofing.

Catpass says it is working with pet-care organizations in the United States and Canada to help vets and veterinarians assess whether a vet would recommend using the cat transportation service.

Sotzer says CatPass hopes to roll out its pet pet-passing program in 2020.

The airlines will be rolling out their cat-towing service in the next several months.

The airlines are hoping that cat-bond carriers will join the program, which would give them access to more than 300,000 cats.

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