Why puppies need to be tracked, monitored and tracked back

LIVING IN A MASSIVE CARRIER, a dog who was taken from a dog pound in Texas was adopted by a family in a nearby town.

Now, the dog has been taken back to her new home.

The puppy was taken to a pet food store in Texas on Wednesday, but when she came home she was being kept at the shelter.

Her owner was also being held by the shelter for an unrelated incident.

The owner of the puppy, identified by ABC News as Jessica Jones, told ABC News that the pup was brought into her home by a friend.

Jessica Jones said she has seen many dogs in her life that have been taken by strangers and she has not had a problem with them.

She said she was trying to save the pup’s life and the owner wanted her to be able to take her home with her.

Jessica said she’s concerned for the pup and that she’s had some negative reactions to strangers.

“I have heard so many horrible things, I’ve seen so many dogs that have no human to take them home,” Jessica said.

But she said she hopes the pup can be with her forever.

“She’s my baby, she’s going to be my baby.

She’s going on to have a very happy life,” Jessica Jones said.

A few weeks ago, she took a photo of the dog and posted it on social media.

She said she plans to keep her post up on Instagram, Facebook and other social media for the dog’s safety.

In another case, a rescue group said they rescued a puppy from a home in Ohio.

The dog had been taken from an animal shelter.

The rescuer, named Landon, said Landon was taken by a relative of his when he was two weeks old.

The relative was upset about the dog not being able to live with its foster parents.

Landon was adopted from a pet store in the area.

He is now in foster care.

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