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A new study from the University of Western Australia (UWA) has found that people living in regional areas with the most rapid population growth will experience higher than average traffic congestion.

The study, which used data from the WA Government’s State of Origin Passenger Survey, found that those living in the Northern Territory, the Northern and Eastern Australia and Western Australia had the most congested roads and roads with the fewest lanes of traffic in their communities.

“It’s clear from the data that in regional Australia, the main roads to major cities are those with high traffic volumes, and they are the busiest,” Professor David Faucher, from UWA’s Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, said.

Professor Fauch said the study revealed that in the most congestion-prone areas in Australia, people were more likely to use public transport.

It also found that in a study by UWA, people in metropolitan areas had the lowest likelihood of using public transport when compared to rural areas.

“[This study] found that there were more people living and working in rural areas,” he said.

Professor David Faux-Gottfried, from the UWA Department of Land and Transport Management, said the data showed the importance of public transit for people living near major cities. “

The more people live in the area, the more likely they are to use it.”

Professor David Faux-Gottfried, from the UWA Department of Land and Transport Management, said the data showed the importance of public transit for people living near major cities.

Mr Fauchers research also found people living along the WA Central Coast were most likely to travel to work or school, and people living further inland were more interested in visiting other towns and cities than those living further north.

“This is because these areas have high densities of public transportation, so it’s easier to get from one place to another,” Professor Fauber said.

Professor Faux Gottfried said the research showed people were likely to live further away from major cities in rural and regional areas, which can cause congestion.

He said the key was to reduce the number of roads and lanes of road in the community.

“The more roads, lanes and roads you have, the better,” he told news.com.au.

“But it’s not just about getting more roads.

It’s about getting to more places, because if you’re not connected to somewhere, you can get into trouble.”

Mr Crouch said while there was no doubt there was a need for more public transport infrastructure, he believed more people were doing it.

He said it was a waste of time, energy and money to build roads and highways to accommodate the growing population of the Northern Rivers region.

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