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By Karen C. HarkinsMedical News Today –March 23, 2018–Pet owners and owners of dogs and cats are getting their first look at the new health care benefits that will make their pets safer and more productive in the near future.

The first major overhaul of the country’s dog-vehicle insurance policy is set to take effect in 2019, when insurers will be required to cover every pet in a family.

Insurance companies are looking to ensure that pets are not injured or killed by their owners in a crash, or for the driver to not have to pay for the care and maintenance of their pet.

“It’s really a huge opportunity for owners,” said Julie Lacey, a certified veterinary technician and owner of a Labrador retriever named Puck.

Puck has been hit and killed by a car several times.

“I’m really hoping this changes things for owners and dogs,” she said.

Lacey is one of the owners of the Puck Pet Insurance company in East Lansing.

She said she is very excited about the change.

“You’re seeing it because we’re doing the right thing,” Lacey said.

Insurers are hoping that this insurance policy change will give owners of pets the peace of mind that comes with having a dog that is in good health.

Dog owners and pets should always have the same coverage, but if a collision happens and the owner is injured, it is a different story.

Insurer and dog owners can use the policy for any pet that is insured, but owners can choose to get a separate policy to protect them from their pets.

The change will not affect owners of ferrets and rabbits, which are not covered under dog insurance.

But, it will give pets who get hit by a vehicle a more comprehensive coverage.

Pets that are killed in a collision will get a new policy that includes coverage for medical care, medical treatment, and funeral expenses.

Insured owners will have to get an additional dog coverage, which will also cover the medical care costs of a pet.

Insuring pets in a vehicle means that a pet’s owner can use that vehicle as a temporary or permanent home until the pet is healthy enough to be returned to the owner.

A dog owner is responsible for the cost of caring for and keeping their pet, which can include keeping them indoors, bathing and food.

The dog owner also must provide veterinary care and insurance.

If a pet is killed in an accident, the owners can take the pet to the emergency vet or animal hospital for care and treatment, as long as the pet remains in the owner’s home.

Insure owners and the owners’ pets will still be covered under the policy.

The policy will change from 2019 to 2022, and the insurance companies have promised that they will not cover owners’ vehicles.

But the changes will not be permanent.

The Michigan Association of Animal Health Services says that there will be changes to the state’s pet insurance policy that could affect the policy through the 2020s.

In a press release, the agency says that insurance companies will no longer be required, for instance, to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

It also says that a new dog coverage plan will be introduced to the market to replace the current dog insurance plan.

Pamela Riedl of East Lansing said she was glad to hear that insurance would be made more comprehensive.

“They’re taking care of us, but it’s still going to be a pet policy,” Riedll said.

Paying for pet care and veterinary care is something that will not go away anytime soon, but with more people choosing to adopt pets, the benefits of pet insurance will become even more important.

“We’re excited about it,” said Lacey.