More than 4,000 patients treated at Brisbane hospital during flu pandemic

A large number of Brisbane’s public transport services were operating normally on Friday morning, despite a spike in the number of flu cases.

The Brisbane City Council has reported a spike of flu-related hospital admissions in the city and is calling for a rapid response from Brisbane City Health.

The City of Brisbane has reported 1,058 flu- related hospital admissions, up from 1,047 on Friday.

Brisbane City Health chief medical officer Dr John Kavanagh said he was concerned for the safety of patients who were being treated at public transport.

“If we’re not having an operation at a hospital, people are getting in the car and getting on to the public transport,” Dr Kavanah said.

“We are concerned that the flu may have a detrimental effect on the community.”

Mr Kavanagh said the number in Brisbane had increased because of the surge in influenza-related admissions.

“There are probably 4,500 patients we’ve been notified of, so the number is probably around 4,400 patients, so we’re at that number,” he said.

The Council also confirmed more than 4100 Brisbane hospital patients were taken to Brisbane’s central business district hospital.

The council said patients who are at a Brisbane hospital but unable to be discharged due to illness, may be able to be transferred to Brisbane City Hospital.

“These patients will be assessed by our clinicians on arrival in Brisbane City, and they will be transferred into the Brisbane City Centre, where they will receive specialist care and follow-up medical advice,” Dr Sussan Ley said.

Ms Ley said Brisbane City had been able to cope with an unprecedented number of hospital admissions this week.

“This is unprecedented in terms of the number and severity of influenza-associated hospital admissions,” she said.

Public transport operators were running normally in Brisbane, and the number was also expected to drop as the weekend wore on.

“The city will have reduced peak travel times on the Brisbane Metro Rail and will continue to operate on a very limited basis,” Ms Ley said, but the peak travel time will be reduced to between 4:00pm and 7:00am on Friday and Saturday.

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