How to get to and from Duke Transportation Services (DTS) office for your job search

The Duke Transportation services office in Durham is a small storefront that has an open door.

It is staffed by a woman named Janine and a man named Mike.

The office, however, is also a little different from the office of a typical driver’s license office.

There is no front desk, and the doors are locked.

If someone asks for a job, it will be a one-way ticket, and you will need to show a photo ID.

And if you don’t have a job yet, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find one.

The Duke transportation services office is located on the second floor of a nondescript office building in Durham, North Carolina.

Janine is in charge of scheduling the trips.

If you’re looking for a new job, the best advice she gives you is that you should apply to Duke Transportation, but that if you do not have the experience and the knowledge, you should wait for a different position.

Janiner doesn’t want to hear about people who have been there a long time.

Janinne and Mike will not tell you how many hours they have worked there.

Janina’s first question is about her next appointment.

If the answer is yes, they will explain how to book the next appointment and get the next employee onboard.

If it is no, then she will tell you to wait until you are the first one on the wait list.

The people at the Duke Transportation offices are just like any other customer service representative at a hotel, the kind of people you would expect to be there on the front desk looking for the next customer.

But there are a few differences.

Janini wants to be in the car for her next job interview.

So she picks a time and a place to check in at her desk.

She puts her seat belt on and turns on her computer, and she looks at her schedule.

There are no scheduled appointments, so she will have to make the call when the next one is scheduled.

Jani’s schedule will include the date and time she will be leaving work.

It will include what she will bring, and it will include a checklist of items to bring with her to work.

She will bring her purse and cell phone and a pen.

She is trying to prepare herself for her first job interview with Duke Transportation.

“I’m excited,” she says.

Janice is not the only one looking forward to this job interview process.

“We’re excited,” Janina says.

“It’s going to be exciting.”

Janina is looking for another job, but this one is more lucrative than Janin.

She knows what she wants.

It’s a job that pays more than the first job, and that’s not the reason why Jani is excited.

Janino wants to help her son, who is deaf and has autism.

And Janina thinks she can help her, too.

She wants to make sure she gets the right information, the right help.

Janinas son is 6 years old.

He is deaf.

She’s deaf too.

So when he gets an appointment, she will ask him to tell her how much he will get to work from now on, and how much time he will have for the interview.

Janines job interview is scheduled for Wednesday, February 17.

She tells Janina she will get him the necessary documents from her bank and other resources to get the job.

When she gets home, she brings her daughter along to help with the interview as well.

Jania will take care of the family during the interview and after.

“Do not let this be your last time at Duke Transportation,” Jani says to Janina.

“This is the way it should be.”

She says the job offer is good, and there is nothing she can do to make it less so.

And she knows she is not alone in her desire to find a new opportunity.

Janien says she feels like Janina should be happy for her daughter to be able come with her.

But she doesn’t have any time to worry about that.

When the time comes to work, she says she will help her daughter.

But Jani also has to worry.

Janig is 6 and has Autism, and her mother, Janine, says she has always struggled to get her daughter the attention she deserves.

“My job is not just to be Jani,” Janini says.

She says she doesn�t want to be a distraction for her child.

She said Jani would like to be the first person on the list of people who get to know her.

“Let me do this right,” Janis mother says.

The other day, Jani went to her car and parked it in the driveway, but Jani could not get the license plate number.

She asked Janin, Janin said she would call Janine back later to get it.

Janis car is parked in the front yard of her home

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