How to use Google Maps to navigate the capital of Peru

When you’re in the capital, it’s easy to forget that you’re miles from the nearest train station, or a bus stop, or even a convenience store.

But if you want to see the full extent of Peru’s transport network, you can still do it with Google Maps.

In a few key points, here’s how to navigate Peru’s major urban areas with Google Street View.


Get directions to your destination in English and Spanish.

“You need to get directions to reach your destination,” explains Google Maps director of engineering Eric Futter.

“If you can’t see directions on the map, you probably don’t know where to go.” 

Futter says that’s why Google has created a Google Maps API that allows users to specify a waypoint or a destination, then provide the route.

If you’re unsure, ask the person who’s directing you to the right route.

For example, if you’re looking for a hotel in Lima’s capital, you could ask for “Mariano Hotel Lima.”

If you get directions from a friend in your local area, Futter says, “Just ask for ‘Marianos Hotel Lima.'”

If you can, use this route if you know you’re going to the hotel, or ask someone to help you.


Use Google Street view to map your route.

If you’re not familiar with Google’s Street View service, it lets you see the roads and cities in real time.

But there’s another, even more useful service that lets you zoom into an area and find the best way to get there.

Google Streetview is available in a number of countries, and is especially useful if you live in one of the country’s many cities.

It allows users who are not residents of those cities to take a photo of a street, and Google StreetView will take the image and send it to a location you can then use to get a map. 

Fitter says that Google Street Vision can be particularly useful in areas with limited infrastructure, like Lima.

If, for example, you’re planning a road trip that will take you to Lima, you’ll want to avoid driving on the streets, he explains.

“We think there are probably places where you’d be better off going on foot,” he says.

“It’s a little bit like going to a supermarket or a restaurant, but there’s less traffic.”

Futter stresses that Google is currently looking into using Street View to help the local government with planning for major road improvements, like rebuilding bridges, widening roads, and improving water and sewage systems. 


Use the Google Street map to find the fastest way to a specific destination.

Another useful feature of Street View is that it can show you the fastest route that will allow you to get to a given location in a certain time frame.

For instance, if Google wants to see a road from Lima to Porto Alegre, you may want to start with the fastest option, Fitter says.

If that’s not possible, you might want to look at a route that’s a bit farther out, Frier says.

In the case of Lima, it might be better to start at the border between the two countries, which is about two hours from Lima.

“In Lima, that’s pretty much a one-hour drive,” he explains, “so it might not be a good idea to try to get out and do a few more days in Lima.” 


Use Street View in Peru’s capital.

You can even use Google Street Maps to see how far you can get from your starting point and how long it will take to get home. 

For example, Futer says that in Lima, the quickest way to reach Lima’s central business district, which houses the national government, is to head west to the capital.

You could head north and then south along the way to Porte Alegría, and then continue west, Futters says.

Then, if it’s a busy time of day, head east to the Peruvian capital of Lima.

You can also use Google’s other Street View feature, called “Map Me,” to see which waypoints are in the way, as well as see where you need to go to get from one place to another.

“You can do a lot of things like that in Map Me,” Futter explains.

In Peru, you only need to have your GPS connected to your Google account to get around the capital; you can also check in with your Google Maps account and get directions and directions for other cities in Peru, Fitch says. 


Explore the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods with Google.

While the city is small, there are plenty of exciting neighborhoods to explore, Fucker says.

Take a look at one of his favorite spots, the Plaza de La Cruz, which has a great view of Lima’s downtown.

Another is the Plaza del Plaza, which offers an excellent view of downtown

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