How to stop your dog from being a nuisance on your commute

How to Stop Your Dog From Being A Naughty Pet on Your Commute?

By The Associated Press| Posted May 10, 2018 07:16PMWASHINGTON (AP) A few days after a California man accidentally shot his dog in the neck while taking a taxi to work, another person in the state says he was surprised to hear that the dog was a “naughty pet” to the point of being a “noisy nuisance.”

In a report on the incident, a spokesman for the state Department of Consumer Affairs said the owner of the dog, who didn’t want to be identified, took his dog to the local dog park after he accidentally shot it while taking the same taxi to a friend’s home.

The driver told police the dog “couldn’t handle the stress” of the trip and “would jump around.”

He said he then “went back to the office and left the dog in his car.”

A spokeswoman for the California Department of Agriculture said the agency was aware of the incident and would be contacting the owner.