How a $20 billion project to build a new bridge over the Yarra River could be delayed due to the arrival of heavy rain

By News24’s Steve WilsonUpdated 1:30pmA new bridge is expected to open next year over the river in Melbourne’s east, but construction is not expected to start until the middle of 2019.

The Yarra is expected back to its original position in the east by the middle, but there is an additional two to three years of construction needed before the bridge can open, according to the Yarramar Transport Department.

In the meantime, some construction will continue, and traffic on the Yarralogr River Bridge is expected, but some heavy rain could see the bridge open later in the year.

The bridge is being built under the auspices of the Yarran Roads Department, with a total of $20.5 billion allocated for the project.

The State Government has committed to build the bridge by 2023, but the State Government is still waiting for the Federal Government to commit funding.

There are also delays with other roads around the Yar, including the Yarringa Highway, which is also expected to be open by the end of 2019, but those will likely be the only roads in the region until then.

“This is a major undertaking and it will require significant investment from the Government,” said Mr Wilson.

“The road is currently being constructed at a cost of $8 billion and will open in 2023.”

However, because of the delay to the opening of the bridge, it will be the same as opening the Yarras road bridge in 2026.

“There are several delays associated with the Yarrodr River crossing, including a $1.5 million delay in the opening ceremony for the Yarrah Bridge, which opened in March.

The delay also means there will be no bridge over Swanston Street for about 10 months, although it will reopen in 2019.

However, that will be less of a concern if the Yarr River Crossing is completed by 2019.

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